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The Ernie Smith & Sons Story

Ernie and Terry Smith started the business back in 1988. No GPS, no cell phones, no internet! (It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.) They were high school sweethearts and had seven sons, and they homeschooled them all. They all grew up roofing, and now they all have big families too.

Ernie Smith & Sons has become a third-generation roofing company!

Carl, their third son, is now the owner, and Ernie Smith & Sons Roofing now has offices in other parts of Texas, plus Florida, Oklahoma, and Nebraska. Mom (Terry) is the office manager. Dad (Ernie) helps with marketing, Joseph is a sales consultant, Mark acts as CEO and CFO, and Samuel (the youngest) is head of sales. The oldest granddaughters help run the office, and some of the grandsons are in sales! It’s definitely a family affair – a really BIG one!

Our Core Values

At Ernie Smith & Sons Roofing, we are committed to being a blessing to everyone we engage with.






Devoted to Our Communities

Even with offices in four states, our team remains active in all our local communities. We proudly sponsor local fire & police departments. Additionally, we also take part in several charity events, including building roofs for nonprofits. Our family always looks forward to these opportunities to give back!

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