Terry Smith | Smith & Sons

Terry Smith

Co-Founder and Billing Manager

Houston, TX

As a mother of seven sons, Terry has had her share of teaching others how to behave. She’s always been a strong mother, and that comes to light in how she works. She keeps the positivity in the office at a high level, and strives to maintain professionalism every day.

Terry is Ernie’s wife. She helped him start the company back in 1988, and she hasn’t looked back. She’s been the indisputable leader of billing and finances for all of those years, and looks forward to many more. She takes pride in knowing that we do good work and that we are profitable. She knows a company must be profitable to stay in business, and she makes sure we maintain high standards for our work. 

“Mom” is a people person, and takes a lot of pleasure in doting on her many grand children. Over a score of grand kids so far, and there are more coming. Terry is an avid follower of current events and world news. She enjoys travel, wherever it may be.