Matt McCarthy | Smith & Sons

Matt McCarthy

Sales Consultant

Houston, TX

Matt started off in the hunting and fishing department of Academy as a teenager. Out of high school, Matt went to Texas Tech University, and doubled as a hunting guide during his college years. Before moving to Ernie Smith & Sons Roofing, Matt was managing a ranch for a law firm, setting up hunts, ensuring licenses were current, and making sure the animals hunted were legal.

Working in the outdoors is a big part of why our sales consultants love doing their job. Matt is no different, being an avid outdoorsman. He loves helping people when they’re in need, and whether it’s a hurricane or a hail storm, the clients are often relieved to find that we’re here to help them and protect them from shady practices in the industry.

Matt wants his clients to know that he will always offer the best advice for their situation, providing them with the knowledge they deserve. He says, “I want my clients to have true information, so they can make the best decision that fits their needs.”

Staying active through hunting, fishing, and spending time outside is Matt’s way of having fun. Any day out on the water for him is a great day, and relaxing on a boat with friends is where he’s most comfortable. On the weekend you’ll find him cracking a good joke, cooking by the BBQ pit, or working out at the gym.

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