Seth Linares | Smith & Sons

Seth Linares

Regional Sales Manager

Houston, TX

Growing up in the roofing industry, Seth is very knowledgable in all types of roofing. TPO, shingles, and metal roofing are all challenges he’s already faced, and he knows his way around any of these roofing systems. He can even handle some gutters, downspouts, and heavy load delivery.

Seth says “the roofing industry has been a part of my family ever since I could remember. I take passion in my work because I’m surrounded by it.”

Before he leaves the house, Seth makes sure there’s coffee in his sytem to make sure he’s operating at 100%. He turns on his truck, and checks to make sure his ladders on his truck are secure. While at work, he makes sure to give all of his clients a call to let them know when he’ll be around and what he’ll be doing. He has a gameplan for the rest of the day, taking traffic, weather, and distance into the equation. When he gets back to the office, he updates all of his jobs in the system, to ensure records are kept straight.

Seth has a little baby girl who is growing fast. When he comes home, he lays on the floor with her and plays with her for awhile. Aside from that, Seth spends his days convincing his family to go fishing, go-karting, or to simply watch a movie together.

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