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Samuel Smith

Sales Director

Houston, TX

Sam is Ernie and Terry’s 7th son, and grew up on the homestead with all of his brothers. Riding bikes and playing with the dogs was life for Sam in Santa Fe, TX, for many years. In his later teens, Sam traveled to Canada, Scotland, and New Zealand, among many different states, becoming exposed to many different cultures. 

Sam is passionate about human potential, and is on a mission to help as many people as possible to understand the true greatness we all have inside of us.

In roofing, Sam started from the ground, helping with shingle handling, trash pick up, then roof repairs. He moved up into sales, marketing, management, and even experienced working for other companies, including a feed store, Starbucks, a commercial roofing company, a new construction roofing company, and eventually dabbling in corporate sales, as well.

Today, Sam is the Sales Director at Ernie Smith & Sons Roofing, heading up the marketing, human resources, and supplements divisions of the sales department. He is passionate about bringing the unquestionable quality of a family of tradesmen to every market in the nation. The Blue Wave is coming!

In his past time, Sam enjoys coaching basketball. Sam is married to “Mon Bijou,” his wife, Sara, of seven years. Their blended family has 6 children, from young teenagers down to their latest arrival, Baby Scarlett.

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Structural Repair & New Roof

Friendswood, TX

At this Friendswood home, a large-scale post-haste rafter repair project was initiated upon the discovery of significant numbers of faulty and rotted framing members, and a total of eight existing 12’ 2 x 6 rafters were replaced.

After also replacing eleven sheets of plywood, we installed a foil-based aluminum thermal underlayment, a new metal chimney base and storm collar, a new chimney spark arrestor, and a GAF High Definition shingle with complimentary GAF components and accessories.

  • Operations Manager: Mark Smith
  • Service Representative: Samuel Smith
  • Scheduler: Cassandra Sword
  • Project Supervisor: Luis Marin