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Miguel Rocha

Assistant Production Manager

Houston, TX

Miguel began his working career working at Fiesta, where he learned the basics of customer communication. He was taught to have moral principles, including honesty and diligence. He was taught to work hard, and never give up. After Fiesta, Miguel worked in the foundation industry and the A/C industry, where he learned much more about how homes were built. Those two jobs provided a great cornerstone for his career here at Ernie Smith & Sons Roofing.

Here at Ernie Smith & Sons Roofing, he’s learned a new trade, and constantly looks up to the next level of performance. He manages projects in the field now, and has an eye on a higher level of management, or possibly a venture into sales. Every morning Miguel wakes up thinking “How can I make this day smooth, and not hectic?” He’s learned to plan his day, and prepare for contingencies.

Miguel plans on having a family, and has traditional values and principals. On the weekends, you can find Miguel playing soccer, eating crawfish, or chilling with his girlfriend, friends, and family. 

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Insurance Claim & A New Roof

Texas City, TX

Matt Dravis contacted the client and let him know that he could inspect the roof for further damages and help him file the insurance claim for a new roof. 

The customer immediately recognized the value in getting a new roof, especially when any repairs necessary would be equal to or greater than his deductible. We were able to install the bulletproof StormShield Preferred system on his new roof in Texas City, TX.

  • Operations Manager: Mark Smith
  • Service Representative: Matt Dravis
  • Scheduler: Cassandra Sword
  • Project Manager: Miguel Rocha
  • Crew Foreman: Misael Villanueva